Animatics logoAnimatics designs, manufactures and brings to life the ultimate integrated, motion control solution: an easily programmable servo motor without the separation of a cabinet of controls and circuits and with the independence of a drive, amplifier and encoder all in one compact package.  That’s why we call it "SmartMotor™".


Animatics SmartmotorThe SmartMotor™ suite of products offers the power and flexibility of our fully-integrated, closed loop servo technology with no limitations on customized solutions. The SmartMotor is the forefront of Animatics’ innovative technology and offers endless ways to sophisticate and streamline your operations or machine design.

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Animatics ActuatorAnimatics provides belt actuators, rodless (ball-screw) actuators, and rod type (ball-screw) actuators. All actuators are sold as a complete linear motions system with the SM23165DT SmartMotor™ as standard.

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Animatics GearheadsGearheads

All units are precision ground planetary gear sets capable of sustained servo input speed. They can be ordered by themselves, or pre-mounted to the SmartMotor™ prior to shipment.  Animatics provides three series of gearheads; High-performance (S Series), OEM Series (SP) and Right Angle (RP).  Each gearhead is shipped with appropriate mounting hardware, fasteners, Allen key and pinion gap gauge.

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SmartMotor servos bring integrated benefits to wet environments 

Animatics' new harsh environment-rated SmartMotor servos offer IP65 ratings with the convenience of a smaller frame size, NEMA23 and NEMA34, for compact applications. The sturdy design and thicker motor casing provides protection and durability, and therefore, any factory process using wash-down techniques or wet processing environments can benefit from the easily programmable SmartMotor and its unique features such as Combitronic IP Smartmotorscommunication protocol and stand alone linear interpolation.

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Table Top RobotsTable Top Robots

Table Top Robots consist of an X Y (optional Z) ball screw driven Cartesian system. Each System has 2 (or 3) Smartmotors Pre-wired RS-232 serial daisy chain (and Combitronic optional).

Designed as pre-configured system of components, the Table Top Robots are ready to be controlled either via Host PC, PLC, HMI, or all stand alone with user defined downloaded programs.

Table Top Robots


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