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; hydraulic pumps, valves, components and power supplies are used in some of the most hostile environments. Their reputation for superior durability and performance continues to grow because all of their products are 100% tested for quality control in both the lab and the field to assure that every product we make meets or exceeds the performance and service life standards our customers have come to expect. Continental Hydraulics continually works to improve current products and develop new fluid power technologies.

Power Units

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Power units are ideal for demanding high-production industrial applications requiring high fluid volume and flow rate.

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Proportional Control Valves

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Proportional Control Valve with on-board electronics combines the precision of electronics with the ruggedness of hydraulics to stretch the performance of your machines. Designed for the way you work, the VED03M proportional control valve ensures accuracy and repeatability, which increases your system productivity.

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Directional Control Valves

Continental Control Valves more information Continental Hydraulics PowerFlowâ„¢ Directional Control Valves offer some of the highest flow and pressure ratings in the industry today, making them the perfect choice whether you are designing a new system or just simply trying to get more out of your current system. Noted for superior performance and durability, Continental Hydraulics Directional Control Valves are a great investment.

With 12 standard spools, numerous specialty spools and 7 functions, these directional control valves can be ordered to meet the specific needs of your applications.

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Variable Displacement, Pressure Compensated Pumps

Continental pumps more information The variable volume and pressure compensated design simplifies circuit design, reduces heat and noise, and can lower horsepower requirements.  These rugged pumps feature compact design and excellent horsepower to weight ratios, and are known for being the medium pressure workhorse in the industry.  PVR pumps maintain constant pressure while matching system flow demands. 

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Continental supplies subplates and manifolds with different port options. There is also an optional relief valve cavity. Our products are available to match a variety of cartridge relief valves manufacturers including Sun Hydraulics, HydraForce, Delta, Deltrol, Compact Controls, Modular Controls and others.  Subplates can have side, bottom or both ports.  Manifolds have an isolation option to allow two independent pressure and/or tank ports. There are  also two different valve spacing options for each manifold.

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