FesTest, your productivity connection FasTest Inc. offers you a complete line of quick connectors for pressure testing, leak testing, and processing utilizing fluids or vacuum.  FasTest is a dedicated manufacturer of advanced engineered connection tools for pressure and vacuum testing applications.  FasTest quick connection tools eliminate inefficient, unproductive plugging or sealing methods for your testing or filling needs.

FasTest FI and Fe Automated Tube and Thread Connectors more information FI & FE Automated Tube and Thread Connectors

The FasTest “FI” Internal and “FE” External connectors provide fast, leak free connections for pressure and vacuum testing, fluid filling and flushing. The connectors are air-actuated and are ideal for automation to accommodate high volume production testing. Capable of sealing conventional and nonstandard surfaces, connects to any tube or pipe, smooth or thread.  Compressed air activates the elastomeric seals. Uniform seal movement makes a virtually leak-proof connection, even over threaded, rough and oily surfaces.

FI & FE Series

TwistMate Connector SeriesFasTest TwistMate Connectors more information

FasTest’s complete product family of TwistMate connectors, plugs and caps provide fast leak tight threaded connections for testing, filling, flushing, plugging, calibrating or venting applications. Simply spin our connectors finger-tight onto thread until face seal contacts test piece. TwistMates seal automatically when the system is pressurized. Air, gas or hydraulic pressure in the system provides a sealing force that presses the main seal against the face of the threads. This automatic internal piston action maintains the seal with minimum pressure.

TwistMate Connector Series

FasMate Connector SeriesFasTest FasMate Connector Series FasMate Connectors

FasTest’s patented FasMate FN and FX Series connectors make instant leak tight connections that significantly decrease the time needed for pressure and vacuum testing, media filling or flushing and performance testing.  The split collet operation uses no thread sealant, wrenches and will not damage threads. FasMate’s rugged design is ideal for production and is available in squeeze lever, push button and pneumatic actuation models.
The FasMate FN Series instantly seals threaded ports from vacuum up to 5000 psi for most models. The patented proprietary design makes sealing threaded ports as easy as 1, 2, 3.

FasMate Connector Series

60 & 70 SeriesFasTest 60 and 70 series more information

FasTest sleeve actuated 60 and 70 Series connectors are the preferred method for fast, safe and repeatable connections to a wide variety of thread and tube profiles used in the process and manufacturing industries for filling, pressure and leak testing, and instrument calibration.Simply pull back on latching sleeve, insert male threaded or tube end into the connector and push the latching sleeve forward to complete the connection. Remove test pressure and pull back the latching sleeve to release the connection

60 Series

70 Series

Automotive Connectors

Fastest provides a range of connectors for pressure and performance testing in engine and vehicle systems.  Accelerate your testing process in vehicle systems.FasTest Automotive Connectors

Automotive Connectors

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