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Modular Control System CPX-E

CPX-E Modular I/O SystemNew CPX-E modular control systems and remote I/O systems are low cost, easy-to-use, and offer a highly compact form factor for use in control cabinets.

The automation system CPX-E is designed as a central control system for handling technology, with an EtherCAT® master controller and a motion controller with protection to IP20.

Different bus modules are available for using it as a compact and low-cost remote I/O.

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Guided Drive DFM

DFMFesto Guided Drive DFM features a drive and guide unit in a single housing with minimal space required. This sturdy and accurate guided actuator with recirculating ball bearing guide offers high resistance to torque and lateral forces

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VTEM Motion Terminal:

Discover a new level of flexibility with the first app-controlled valve!

Festo VTEM Motion TerminalThe Festo VTEM Motion Terminal heralds the beginning of a new era, catapulting pneumatics into the era of Industry 4.0 – with apps that can replace over 50 individual components. The latest developments in piezo technology and software have made this possible. This is the first ever valve to be controlled using apps. The bridge circuit in the valve is an innovative valve system. It is based on the basic elements of pneumatic valve functions and allows pneumatics to be digitised for the first time.

Motion apps plus new valve technology: this combination can be used to replace over 50 individual components, and even entire system solutions, from flow control valves to a wide range of directional control valves, proportional regulators, Soft Stop solutions and even pneumatic positioning tasks.

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With the Ethernet interface and the intuitive WebConfig user interface, you can efficiently parameterise every valve on the Festo Motion Terminal via your PC and a web server – no additional configuration software required. What's more, this can also be done directly via the machine's control system.

The new automation platform makes it possible to select and to modify functions at the touch of a button – without tedious installation and without having to change the hardware or install additional components.

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Quarter turn actuator DFPD

Configurable quarter turn actuator with a simple and compact design

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Integrated drive EMCA

EMCA integrated driveThe EMCA is a complete solution for positioning electromechanical drives and for easy format changes. With integrated power and control electronics the EMCA avoids long motor cables and therefore improves the electromagnetic capability. This integrated package reduces the installation workload and required space in a machine. Direct installation is made possible thanks to IP54 protection as standard and IP65 as an option.

The EMCA comes standard with a single-turn absolute encoder or optional muti-turn absolute encoder:

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Servo Press Kit YJKP

YJKP Servo Press KitThe modular servo press kit YJKP gives you just the software functions you need for your application. It provides you with an excellent price/performance ratio for your extremely precise press-fitting system with its high level of repetition accuracy. Simple, cost-effective and quick to install

Pre-assembled system kit The right size for every application: the YJKP consists of modular operating software and harmonized standard Festo components. With electric spindle drive, motor, motor controller, force sensor and control system, you have everything you need for electric press-fitting applications up to 17 kN. All you have to do is integrate it into your press-fitting application. Pre-installed software The pre-installed operating software is ready to use straight away and you don’t need to be a programming expert to parameterize it, it’s that easy and intuitive. The modular software in CODESYS, featuring application-specific functions, can be used on a PC, iPad or other types of human-machine interface and is compatible with all kinds of platforms. The controller CECC-X with OPC-UA interface makes the system ready for Industry 4.0. Flexible With the YJKP, it is easy to monitor press-fitting applications and lots of other parameters in real time. For example, force, displacement, torque and angle can be monitored during joining, press-fitting, swiveling and rotation processes.

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Fieldbus Module CTEU

Inexpensive: Fieldbus connection for the price of a multi-pin interface

Festo CTEU fieldbus moduleUse in combination with CTEL or CPAC for economical installation of decentralized input modules and valve terminals with short tubing, short-cycle times and low energy consumption.

CTEU fieldbus modules, available in a variety of protocols, are compatible with Festo devices with IO-Link interface which can be used as a direct connection to valve terminals or part of a gateway system; the system can easily be serviced with built-in diagnostics.

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EXCT/EXCM Advanced Handling Systems

Ready-to-install handling systems significantly reduce your process times, from project engineering to commissioning. And in the end,with linear gantry EXCT and Planar surface gantry EXCM you can be sure that everything will fit together properly.

Advanced Handling systems

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Ball Valve Assembly

Festo Ball valveComplete Actuated Ball Valve Range

Benefits of Festo Ball Valve Solutions

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DRVS Semi-rotary vane drive

Festo DRVS Semi-rotary vane driveConcentrating on the essentials, the semi-rotary vane drive DRVS has everything you would expect from a swivel drive. With powerful rotation and a highly innovative design, the new sensor solution SRBS can be fitted in a second and is infinitely adjustable, saving your company time and money.

Compact, sealed, low weight, optional sensing and high torque ratings of up to 20 Nm are what make the DRVS powerful, even in harsh environments. It is easy to install and rotates continuously, by your choice up to 90°, 180° or 270°.

Fitting semi-rotary drives with sensors has never been so easy, reliable, uncomplicated and error-free thanks to the innovative SRBS sensing module. The module is simple to install and enables the fast and reliable teaching of the switching points. These closed, encapsulated units are quickly screwed into place, and switching points can be taught electronically by pressing a button, and just like that you’re ready to go!

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Festo OMSOptimised Motion Series

The Optimized Motion Series are easy and affordable like a pneumatic cylinder, while still functional like an electric drive. Optimized Motion Series (OMS) offers electrical axes with optimized performance at significantly lower cost than conventional electrical solutions.

Each OMS axis consists of an electromechanical actuator with permanently mounted motor, a set of cables and a drive. Easy sizing and selection, ordering and commissioning makes the OMS products a breeze to work with.

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Vision Sensor SBSI

SBSI Vision SensorFor fast, low-cost implementation of simple camera applications

Perfect for the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing and machine building
Also for end line packaging in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The uncomplicated way to start with industrial vision systems: the vision sensor SBSI allows you to implement simple camera applications quickly and inexpensively – even without expert knowledge. Whether you want to read codes or carry out simple quality inspections, the SBSI can be commissioned in just 3 steps. Optics, lighting, evaluation and communication are fully integrated.

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Standard NAMUR Valve VSNC

more information Certified worldwide in accordance with explosion protection standards. A modern design, durable quality and fully tested materials and technology

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VS Series Valves

The new generation in single valves: high-flow , robust and low cost

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Festo SDAT-MHS T-slot sensor more information SDAT-MHS Position transmitter for T-slots

The programmable SDAT-MHS for analog feedback signal is an inexpensive alternative to costly position transducers or mechanical potentiometers.  The sensor solution optimized and tested for large or small Festo drives records position reliably and precisely for standard strokes.

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Festo DRRD Semi-rotary Semi-rotary drive with piston DRRD

The new rack-pinion rotary actuator DRRD combines high load capacity and accuracy with compact dimensions, making it ideal for end of arm handling applications.  The angle of rotation can be freely adjusted from 0 to 200 degrees.  Available in 11 sizes, with the choice of 4 types of cushioning, and optional end-position locking, energy through feed, and splash-proof design, it can be configured for optional performance in many different applications.

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Linear Drive DDLI Rodless Servo Pneuamtic Actuator download datasheet

The DDLI rodless servo pneumatic actuator provides powerful, precise positioning. The DDLI includes an integrated absolute encoder for precise, dynamic positioning of large loads, while eliminating high-energy impacts at the end of stroke.  With a protective rating of IP67, the integrated feedback can be used in wet and dirty environments.

In its largest size, the DDLI can move loads up to 180kg horizontally and up to 60kg vertically.

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Electric Toothed Belt Axis ELGA-TB-RF

more information The ELGA-TB-RF embodies the key features of a dynamic electric actuator: high speeds, smooth motions, and aggressive accelerations. All made possible by the high-performance toothed-belt and roller bearing guides. The ELGA-TB-RF is available in standard stroke lengths from 50mm up to 7.4m, making it well suited for long-stroke applications.


Integrated motor MTR-ECI with EtherNet/IP

The MTR-ECI integrated motor is specifically designed for applications involving automatic format adjustments.

With standard stainless steel shaft, IP65 protection class and food grade lubrication, the MTR-ECI is well suited for a wide range of format adjustment applications and environments.

MTR-ECI Integrated Motor


Ball Valve Assemblies: VAPB-2F, 3F and 7F

more information 2-Piece ball valve assembly – VAPB-2F
This complete, ready-to-install package is economical and a time saver.  By matching the torques, mounting patterns and hardware, the time required for valve selection, calculation and sizing of actuator are reduced

3-Piece ball valve assembly – VAPB -3F
The VAPB-3F is a preassembled stainless steel valve with pneumatic actuator suitable for outdoor, hazardous locations and certain washdown applications.

3-Piece Sanitary ball valve assembly VAPB-7F
VAPB-7F is a true tube full port sanitary stainless steel 3pc ball valve. Complete tested assembly with either double or single acting ¼-turn actuator, It is suitable for wide range of fluids and inert gases.

VAPB Series Ball Valve Assemblies


Planar Surface Gantry EXCM-30/10 more information

The EXCM is a small XY planar surface gantry with rectangular working space offering extensive functionality with a highly compact design.  It is compact and flat for effective loads up to 3 kg.  Standardised Festo plug & work solution with functional drive-controller package, consisting of drive and controller - integrated into EXCM-10, optional for EXCM-30

EXCM Planar surface gantry


Electric Cylinder ESBF - Power Units! more information

The electric cylinder ESBF with ball screw spindles can be used for almost any tasks, whether clamping, gripping or cutting.  With feed forces up to 17 kN  providinghydraulic performance with electric cleanliness and efficiency, improving  your flexibility and control in high load applications.

Electric cylinder ESBF


Festo Optimised Motion Series: low-cost with optimum performance

Festo Optimised Motion Systems more information A package that makes positioning easier than ever before

The Optimised Motion Series are easy and affordable like a pneumatic cylinder, while still functional like an electric drive.  The simple and complete package includes; actuator, motor controller with ServoLite technology including matching cables.   Everything with one type code: easy configuration and convenient ordering of the right size and combination. This reduces the workload for your purchasing department and saves you time, because the individual parts no longer have to be assembled.

Optimised Motion Series

DSBC Cylinder with self-adjusting cushionFesto DSBC Standard Cylinder more information

Simple installation, no re-adjustment required, optimum cushioning

The new standard cylinder DSBC with the self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning (PPS) adapts optimally to changes in loads and speed. You save time and increase flexibility, and your process reliability grows. Its many variants, adaptation to ambient conditions and individual design allow it to be used flexibly.

DSBC Cylinders


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