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Safety Light CurtainsJokab Safety Light Curtains

The latest in a long list of machine safety innovations from JOKAB SAFETY, the Focus product line is designed to be the most control reliable and dependable presence sensing devices on the market today.  The Focus Curtains and Grids offer unsurpassed ease of installation and alignment, plus built-in muting capabilities. They are rated Category 4 Safety Level and have received all necessary national and international approvals.
Focus Curtains and Grids provide muting flexibility with inputs provided for partial or complete muting. Features include bypass lamp supervision, automatic or manual supervised reset, 2 supervised PNP safety outputs with cross-circuit monitoring, and M12 connections.

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Safety RelaysSafety Relays

Flexible safety relays for different protection purposes and categories for all kinds of safety devices with a wide range of input options. Their safety relays have the highest safety level (PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1). The relays are small and compact and have detachable connector blocks for ease of replacement and testing.

RT6 can supervise both your safety devices and the internal safety of your machinery. In addition you can select the safety level required for each installation. All this is possible because the RT6 has the most versatile input option arrangement available on the market. Many other relays can therefore be replaced by the RT6.

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Sensors and SwitchesSensors and Switches

Dynamic non-contact sensors, safety switches, magnetic switches and locks. Used to control the gates and hatches around hazardous machinery, and to monitor the position of a machine.

With JSNY8 it is possible to lock a gate to prevent access to machines and is supplied in two basic versions, either with a spring lock or a magnetic lock.

Magne is a magnetic lock that is designed for industrial applications and that can withstand harsh environments. As it is designed with no moving parts, it is durable and long lasting.

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Emergency Stops E Stops

Jakob offers a complete line inf E-stops, push buttons and Grab Wire safety stop-line So that anyone shall be able to stop a machine during a machine break-down or if someone is in danger.

Smile is a small and cost effective emergency stop developed in order to fulfil the need for a small and easy to install E-stop. The size of the device makes it possible to be installed wherever you want. With M12 connection/s or cable and centralised mounting holes Smile is very easy to install, especially on aluminium extrusions.

Stop-Line is used for easy reach of an emergency stop along machines, conveyors and processes. Stop-Line is easier to install than a system of several emergency stop buttons along a carriage path.

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Control DevicesControl Devices

Safeball is a completely new approach to the design of one and two-hand safety devices. Instead of the conventional approach using ordinary push buttons and non-ergonomic protection for unintentional activation, a ‘hands on’ approach has been developed. Safeball consists of a spherical ball containing two embedded push button switches, one on each side of the ball. By using this push button configuration, the risk of unintentional activation is minimized and the device is simple and ergonomic to use.  Safeball can be utilized for either one-hand (one Safeball) or two-hand (two Safeballs) applications.

The conventional JSTD20 two-hand device utilizes a welded steel housing. Two operating push buttons are protected by over hand flanges. Between these push buttons there is space for a emergency push button and two extra controls or indication lamps.

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Safety Edge Strips & MatsBumpers and Mats

Jokab Safety Safe-T-Edge strips and bumpers are designed to attach to the leading edge of motor driven doors and gates. Our strips and bumpers offer the most reliable reversing feature in the industry. The quality construction contains two completely flexible, conductive Alumaglas® contact elements separated by perforated foam.

The Safe-T-Step impact-resistant, heavy-duty mat. Alumaglas® contact elements blanket the entire surface virtually eliminating any dead zones in the active surface. Our contact element will not rust or dent—and it is completely flexible, enabling it to withstand impacts that could damage other rigid contact elements. Every Safe-T-Step mat is available with a retainer trim kit made of extruded aluminum, which is recommended to surround the mat and secure it in place. The trim kits are available in straight or miter cut.

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