Leuze logo Leuze Electronics home page Leuze offers an extensive line of optical-electronic products including safety light curtains and grids, laser area scanners, a full line of sensor products, bar code readers for both standard and 2D applications, optical data transmission as well as innovative positioning systems using barcode or laser measurement technology. Leuze products are designed to be reliable, durable and user friendly.


The wide variety of available photo electric sensor types with their varying function characteristics makes is possible to solve nearly every "detection problem".

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The Leuze product unit Logistics develops and markets automatic identification systems, optical data transmission systems and distance measuring technology.

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Leuze light curtains have outstanding features with options such as muting, blanking and initiation. Leuze offers our customers the unique programmable software, Safety Lab, so they may utilize these features in any combination to their maximum. As a result, customers can easily custom-configure our light-curtains to their special needs and quite often experience higher efficiency and productivity.

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