Schneider ElectricSchneider Electric manufactures a full line of high-performance motion control products and accessories that are compact, powerful and low cost. A recognized worldwide innovation leader of motors, drives, controls and integrated products.

Schneider Electric products are routinely used in applications demanding highly precise controller movement including: robotics, medical instruments, biomedical, clinical chemistry platforms, lab automation, assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, pharmaceutical processing and pick-and-place.

MDrive EtherNet/IPEtherNet IP

MDrive EtherNet/IP delivers integrated motion solutions for industrial automation’s leading networking interface.

MDrive® EtherNet/IP products are compact, low cost motion solutions, integrating a stepper motor and electronics all in one package. ODVA compliant, MDrive EtherNet/IP products interface with many manufacturer's systems.  MDrivePlus EtherNet/IP products combine a NEMA size 23 motor with on-board I/O, motion controller, drive electronics and optional encoder.

MDrive EtherNet/IP


Integrated Motor/Driver

MDrive = Motors with integrated electronics.  These compact, powerful and low cost motion control solutions will reduce system cost, design and assembly time for a large range of motion control applications.

IMS MDriveMDrivePlus
Rotary stepper motor integrated with drive, controller, encoder and power supply form a single, compact unit that is quick to install and easy to use.

MDrive Hybrid

Hybrid Motion Technology (HMT) continually monitors the relationship between a stepper motor's rotor and stator at sub-microsecond intervals, and will not allow that relationship to exceed the point where synchronization is lost.  

MDrive Linear Actuators
All-in-one linear motion systems combine leading integrated motor technology with linear motion to deliver high accuracy, unsurpassed repeatability and long life.

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Discrete drivers

Ranging from +12 to +80 VDC and 1.5 to 9 Amps, Schneider Electric offers half/full step and microstepping drivers and systems in panel mounted and PCB mounted styles.

Panel Mounted


MForce microstepping drivers deliver the leading technology of MDrive® products with integrated controller and encoder options. These drivers are compact, powerful, easy to use and low cost.

MicroLYNXIMS Drivers

Integrated microstepping driver and controller in one compact assembly with
2 power levels. Plug-in expansion modules expand system features as needed to meet specific application requirements.

IM series

Step and direction input drivers with high input voltage of +48 or +75 VDC and output current of 3.0 or 5.0 Amps. Closed loop control is available with an encoder option.

PC Board Mount

IM ultra-miniature

Ultra-miniature microstepping drivers with high input voltage of +12 to +75 VDC and output current from 1.5 up to 4.0 Amps RMS.

IB ultra-miniature

Ultra-miniature half/full step driver with input voltage of +12 to +48 VDC and output current of up to 2 Amps per phase.

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IMS Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors

2-phase 1.8° stepper motors are available in rotary and linear styles. Rotary motors include 4 NEMA flange sizes, multiple motor stack lengths, optical encoder and planetary gearbox options. Linear motors can have a non-captive or external shaft, a range of screw pitches, lengths and optional coating.

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