Euchner logoEUCHNER is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of industrial safety engineering.  Euchner Safety products are designed to provide protection for personnel and processes against hazards. The latest safety products offered are ASO safety Edges, Bumpers and Mats for presence sensing. Automation products are incorporated into systems to sense movement, position, track tooling data and to help integrate automated systems. ManMachine products act as an interface between operators and their equipment. Finally, Signaling Devices provide feedback to the operator of status and possible issues concerning machinery and processes.

Safety ProductsEuchner safety products

Euchner Safety Products consist of Safety Switches, Safety Relays and Enabling switches. Euchner has developed Safety Systems composed of sensors, evaluation and Safety Relays in one solution to meet complex requirements. MGB products are a unique interlocking or guard locking system for robot cells and safety doors on machinery and systems. For non-contact applications, Magnetic coding and RFID coding technologies are available. The CES family of RFID products offers sensors with integrated evaluation. Rope Pull Switches allow for safety along the whole rope length, and standard E-stop buttons are also offered.

Euchner Safety Products


Safety Light CurtainsEuchner safety light curtains

LCA light curtains are non-contact safety guards for securing danger areas on machines and installations. They use several light beams to form an invisible safety light curtain in front of a dangerous area. The light curtain consists of a transmitter and receiver that emit and receive the light beams. If a beam is interrupted, the light curtain safety outputs will switch off.

LCA 2:

Type 2 light curtains good for the requirements of Category 2 PL c and safety level SIL 1. On Type 2 devices, the safety function is checked by periodic tests. Faults are detected during the periodic test.

LCA 4:

Type 4 light curtains good for the requirements of Category 4 PL e and safety level SIL 3. On Type 4 devices, faults are constantly being tested for. If detected, machine movement is stopped immediately.

LCA 4 Master/Slave:

Type 4 light curtains where up to three sets of transmitters and receivers can be connected in series to provide for flexability in securing dangerous areas. A single pair of OSSD safety signals is run back to the safety system.

Euchner Safety Light Curtains

Automation Products

Euchner automation products

Euchner provides precision Single Limit Switches, Single Hole Fixing Limit Switches and Position switches built to the EN 50041 standard. Euchner Ident Systems use non-contact RFID technology for identification of products such as tools, product carriers and containers for manufacturing, packaging and logistics.

Euchner Automation Products

CIS Inductive Identification SystemsEuchner ID systems

EUCHNER Inductive Identification Systems permit contact-free identification of pallets, work pieces and parts in a dynamic manufacturing environment. In the simplest form, a CIS System consists of an inductive read or read write head and a data carrier. The heads can interface to a PLC or PC.

  • CIS systems can be configured to meet your data transfer requirements
  • Unlimited read cycles with write cycles up to 100 million
  • Large storage capacity
  • Interfaces to PLC's and PC's
  • Large variety of carriers with EEPROM and FRAM storage technology
  • Inductive transfer of data not affected by RF signals
  • Battery free data carriers
    • No maintenance

Euchner CIS Inductive ID Systems

ManMachine ProductsEuchner ManMachine products

Euchner’s ManMachine products interface operators and machinery.  Their Joysticks control machine motion by manual actuating direction. Euchner Hand-held Pendants allow machine monitoring and control from movable locations and can be equipped with safety features such as E-stop buttons and enabling switches. Euchner electronic Handwheels provide pulse generation for manual axis positioning of NC and other motion control equipment.

Euchner ManMachine Products

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