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Carlo Gavazzi - Shaltz Automation

At a time when most people thought about automation as pure science fiction, Carlo Gavazzi was a man who saw a future for it. The company's history is a fascinating tale of invention. Today, Carlo Gavazzi's products are used in a wide range of cutting-edge, high-tech goods and procedures anywhere in the world.


  • Cables-quick disconnect
  • Capacitive sensors
  • inductive sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Safety modules
  • Sensors with IO-link
  • Ultrasonic sensors


  • Contactors, overloads and breakers
  • Limit and safety switches
  • Power supplies
  • Pushbuttons and switches
  • Relays-mechanical
  • Soft starters/drives
  • Solid state relays


  • Current transformers
  • Current/voltage/phase
  • Digital panel meters
  • Duppline
  • Energy meters
  • Timers