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Euchner - Shaltz Automation

As experts in industrial safety engineering, we create and produce goods and services that are adapted to the needs of clients from a variety of industries. Utilizing our guards on equipment and facilities helps to reduce risks and dangers, which in turn safeguards individuals and operations.

Multifunctional Gate Box

The MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems.

Transponder Coded Safety Switches

With guard locking, without guard locking

Transponder coded key systems


Transponder coded red heads with external evaluation

  • CES, CEM, CET with guard locking
  • CKS key adapter
  • Field evaluation unit CES-FD Evaluation units CES-AZ

Magnetically coded safety switches

  • Evaluation units CMS
  • Red heads CMS with reed contacts
  • Read heads CMS with hall sensors
-eval unit

Electromechanical safety switches with guard locking

Safety switches in metal housing

  • NV.VZ.VS metal switch without guard lock monitoring
  • TZ proven metal switch
  • STA metal switch with metal headTX metal switch

Safety switches in plastic housing

  • TQ small flat plastic switch
  • TP proven plastic switch
  • TK very high locking force
  • STP plastic switch with metal head
  • STM compact plastic switch with metal or plastic head

Electromechanical safety switches without guard locking

Safety switches in metal housing

  • SGA metal switch, NZ.VZ robust safety switch
  • NX metal switch
  • N1A/NB01 single limit switches
  • NZ position switches according to EN 50041

Safety switches in plastic housing

  • NM small plastic switch; large selection of actuating heads NM.VZ small plastic switch
  • NQ small, flat plastic switch
  • NP compact plastic switch
  • GP plastic switch
  • SGP plastic switch with switch head made of metal

Safety relays, control systems and filter module

  • Safety relay ESM
  • Small control system MSC BR/IO-link gateways
  • Filter module AC-FM-AR

Enabling Switch

  • ZSM with numerous control functions
  • ZSB with plus/minus push buttons
  • ZSG, ZSE, ZXE built-in enabling switches

Emergency stop devices

  • Emergency stop devices ES
  • Rope pull switch RPS

Safety Engineering for Connection to IO-Link

  • BP/BR safety switch with guard locking
  • BR/IO Link gateways
  • BP/BR safety switch with guard locking control via IO-Link
  • BP/BR safety switch without guard locking

Light Grids and light curtains

  • LCA2
  • LCA4
  • LCA4 master/slave