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Leuze is an international sensor expert for automation technology. With curiosity and determination, we – the Sensor People – have been forerunners for innovations and technological milestones in industrial automation since 60 years. The success of our customers is what drives us.

Safety Light Curtains

Our safety light curtains are used wherever people and machines work "hand-in-hand." They ensure reliable safety – for finger and hand protection to safeguard points of operation or for access guarding at danger zones. At the same time, the devices meet the highest requirements with regard to easy integration and the availability of safeguarded systems.

Optical Data Transmission

Data within a network is transferred in different ways. Optical data transmission photoelectric sensors use the "air" medium to transfer data invisibly, contact-free and free from wear over a distance of up to 300 m. This is a leading technology in plant engineering and combines efficiency with cost effectiveness.


  • Stationary 1D bar code readers
  • Stationary 1D / 2D code readers
  • 1D/2D hand-held scanners
  • RFID


  • Switching sensors
  • Measuring sensors