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MELFA ASSISTA Collaborative Robot

MELFA ASSISTA Collaborative Robot, 6-axis RV-5AS-D offers positioning accuracies as low as ±0.02mm (0.007 in), a reach of 900mm (35.43 in) and a payload of 5kg (11.02 lbs). The RV-5AS-D, which complies with the international safety and robotic standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS15066, features a Windows-based environment, called RT Visual, for programming its actions. Movements for the cobot can be taught and recorded via a dedicated control panel on the cobot’s arm, doing away with conventional teach pendants. Mitsubishi said this control panel and programming interface enable even inexperienced users to set up the system with ease.

RV-FR Series

The RV-FR Series vertical six-axis robot provides new, intelligent solutions, offering a simple approach to advanced and flexible production. RV-FR features optimized arm length and 6 joints for a broader range of movement support complex assembly and process operations. The compact body and slender arms capable of covering a large work area and large load capacity. Suitable for a broad range of layouts, from transporting machine parts to assembling electrical components. They are designed to withstand environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of applications without having to worry about the installation environment.


The RV-8CRL robot is a high quality, low cost solution that offers a high level of versatility due to its slim and compact design. This makes the RV-8CRL well suited for a wide variety of applications. A smooth curved design complements the slim arm and compact joints which results in a smaller base size foot print. With a maximum load capacity of 8kg and a maximum reach of 931mm, the RV-8CRL minimizes the interference region and the “in minimum” turning radius to provide a wider effective working area.

RV-F Series Vertically Articulated

RV-F Series Vertically Articulated type robots are available in ISO3 clean room, IP40, IP67, food grade, and chemical resistant versions. Payloads range from 2 kg to 70 kg with 504 mm to 2050 mm reaches. The F Series industrial robots offer class leading speed, precision and ease of integration. All units are built to comply with ANSI/RIA/ISO 10218 1 2007 safety standards and are available in CE models for global acceptance. A long list of standard features as well as many powerful options makes this series a perfect choice for applications across many industries.


With an extensive selection of arm sizes, configurations, protection ratings, backed by “Next-Generation” features, and options designed to provide maximum productivity with minimal effort, the MELFA RH-FRH-Series line of SCARA robots are ready to tackle all of your high speed automation needs. RH-FRH robots are available in load capacities from 3kg to 20kg, with maximum load radii from 350mm to 1000mm.


The RH-CRH robots are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to their compact design and large working area, offering a cost-effective scara solution.


RH-FH Series

Available in a variety of reaches, payloads and protection ratings (including Food Grade / Chemical Resistant), the RH-FH Series line of SCARA robots are ready and able to provide the performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from Mitsubishi Electric factory automation.


Inverted (reverse / ceiling mounted), space-saving SCARAs are designed to provide the same high-speed performance as a floor mounted model. With two models available, one that features a 360deg work envelope and the other with a larger reach, both of which are backed by “Next-Generation” features, and options designed to provide maximum productivity with minimal effort, the MELFA RH-FRHR-Series line of inverted SCARA robots are ready to tackle all of your high speed automation needs.


The compact and incredibly precise RP-Series robots are the units of choice for high precision tasks, and come in three different sizes to handle a range of micro-assembly and process applications. Engineered with precision and speed in mind, the RP-Series robots with their unique dual arm configuration are capable of delivering the highest level of precision of any industrial SCARA on the market today.

RT ToolBox3 Engineering Software

RT ToolBox3 Engineering Software supports everything from system design, preliminary layout, programming, debugging, simulation, maintenance and operation. Its features include a ribbon bar, output window and docking pane, making information easier to see and the software easier to use. Operations in the 3D monitor screen have also been updated to make using the screen more intuitive.