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Oilgear - Shaltz Automation

Oilgear manufactures historically reliable engineering systems, pumps, and valves at Oilgear. However, we typically solve your problems. We take on the most difficult difficulties in the industrial, subsea, and mobile industries as your technology advisor and provider for mission-critical jobs. We’re your one-stop problem-solver; nonstop when it comes to looking at your issues with fresh eyes. even assisting you in becoming ready for events you haven't yet thought of.


  • Variable Displacement Pumps
  • Fixed Displacement Pumps
  • Transfer Barrier Pumps
  • Injection & Catalyst Pumps
  • Legacy Pumps
  • Pump Configurator


  • Motion Compensation Valves
  • Subsea Valves
  • Screw-In Cartridge Valves
  • Prefill & Exhaust Valves
  • High-Pressure Valves
  • SPM Valves

Custom Products

  • Custom Accumulators
  • BARS
  • Amplifer Controller Card
  • Custom Cylinders