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Fabco-Air - Shaltz Automation

Fabco-Air, a leader in the pneumatics sector for more than 60 years, has spent decades to assisting industries in creating the greatest machines. Although they are best known for their small, powerful pneumatics, they have also manufactured a wide range of high-quality grippers, valves, sensors, slides, actuators, and other components. For complex applications, our collection offers straightforward solutions.

Pneumatic actuators

From the Original Pancake® that set the standard for quality compact cylinders to Pancake II, twin-bore and ISO-type styles, you’ll find the actuator you need with the quality you demand.

- Metric Interchange cylinders
- Compact air cylinder
- Interchangeable compact air cylinders
- Round body air cylinders
- NFPA-standard actuators
- Direct interchange air cylinder
- Round body air cylinders
- NFPA-standard actuators

Linear slides

There is a Fabco-Air pneumatic linear slide to suit your demands, whether you require guided linear motion for a straightforward positioning or stamping operation or for a sophisticated multi-axis robotic system in an automated assembly line. We provide a wide variety of slide designs, including single- and dual-bearing, pick-and-place, table, finger, block-type, linear, and rodless models. There are also affordable variants and small sizes available.

- Basic linear slides
- Precision finger slides
- Precision slide tables
- Block-style llinear slides
- Robust ball bearing slides
- Rodless slides

Precision grippers

Our selection of Fabco-Air grippers has what you need, whether you're searching for small, extremely accurate grippers for assembly applications or wider, larger grippers for the secure movement of heavier payloads. We offer a range of angular and parallel grippers, including hydraulic and low-cost models, in different widths, bore sizes, and pressures.

Parallel Grippers

- Two-jaw small parallel gripper
- Two-jaw large parallel gripper
- Two-jaw compact parallel gripper
- Two-jaw wide parallel gripper

Angular Grippers

- Compact angular gripper
- Toggle type angular gripper
- High force angular gripper
- 180-degree angular gripper