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From factory automation to process automation, sensor solutions from SICK are keeping industries moving. As a technology and market leader, SICK provides sensors and application solutions that create the ideal basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents, and preventing damage to the environment.

Photoelectric Sensors

The broad selection of photoelectric sensors from SICK combines sensor intelligence with accurate optics and cutting-edge technology to produce market-leading solutions. These sensors provide the highest level of operational reliability regardless of any interference effects by utilizing the most recent SIRIC® and LED technology. Additional sensor information via IO-Link helps to cut the complexity of modern production processes.


Registration Sensors

SICK offers a wide range of contrast, markless, color, luminescence, fork and array sensors to solve this wide spectrum of demanding tasks. Typical applications are the detection of visible and non-visible marks, labels and colors at high speeds as well as the detection of small parts and precise positioning.

  • Color sensors
  • Fork sensors
  • Register sensors
  • Luminescence sensors
  • Contrast sensors
  • Glare sensors
SICK Registration Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Many objects and media can be detected without physical contact using proximity sensors. SICK’s inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, and magnetic proximity sensors offer a long service life, extreme ruggedness, and the utmost precision. SICK intelligently and reliably solves industry-specific and individual automation tasks.

Proximity Sensors

Distance Sensors

SICK has a wide range of optic and ultrasonic solutions that measure from sub-microns to kilometers. They solve measuring, detecting and positioning applications using triangulation and time-of-flight modes..

  • Mid range and long range distance sensors
  • Linear measurement sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Optical data transmission
  • Displacement measurement sensors
Distance Sensors

Automation Light Grids

SICK automation light grids can be used in several inspection and counting tasks, such as detecting and counting irregularly shaped objects, people and vehicles, and checking for presence and pallet overhang detection..

Identification Solutions

SICK offers the three most common industrial identification technologies: laser-based scanners for 1D codes, image-based 1D and 2D code readers, and RFID readers. Integrated interfaces enable the readers to communicate inside industrial networks and innovative functionality makes commissioning and operation easy.

Identification Solutions

Opto-Electronic Safety Devices

SICK’s comprehensive portfolio of opto-electronic protective devices is ideal for hazardous point protection, access protection, and hazardous area protection. The SICK’s proprietary interface, EFI, offers additional process optimization.

  • Safety laser scanners
  • Safety light curtains 
  • Safety camera systems
  • Multiple light beam safety devices
  • Single-beam photoelectric safety switches

Saftey Switches

SICK’s safety switches are used for protecting movable physical guards, determining the position of dangerous movements, and the safe stop function. The portfolio is divided into electro-mechanical and non-contact safety switches, safety locking devices, and safety command devices

Safe Control solutions

SICK control solutions product portfolio includes safe sensor cascades, safety controllers, motion control safety controllers, and safety relays.

fluid sensors

SICK Fluid sensor solutions from SICK are used in the measuring process for liquids, gases and bulk solids and protecting against overfill and dry run. Whether it is temperature measurement, level control, pressure measurement, or flow metering we have the right solution for your application.

  • Level Sensors
  • Flow Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Bulk Solid Scanner.

Sensors & actuator cables

SICK’s broad portfolio of ready-to-assemble male and female connectors provides the ideal basis for customized wiring solutions. Different lengths and quantities of cables can be combined quickly.

SICK Registration Sensors

Inclination Sensors & Encoders

High-resolution optical encoders and extremely rugged magnetic encoders complement one another perfectly and allow exact measurements in all kinds of applications. Rotary encoders are available as incremental encoders and absolute encoders. Wire draw encoders and linear encoders with a measuring element are available in linear measuring technology.

Encoders from SICK

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