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Turck - Shaltz Automation

Turck provides effective solutions for factory and process automation applications as a specialist in sensor, fieldbus, and connectivity as well as interface technology, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and RFID systems.


Sensors provide crucial data, such as discrete and analog location signals, level control, flow rates, temperatures, speed, and directional feedback, for effective industrial automation.

- Inductive sensors
- Capacitive sensors
- Magnetic sensors
- Ultrasonic sensors
- Linear position sensors
- Encoders
- Inclination sensors
- Pressure sensors
- Temperature sensors
- Flow sensors
- Level sensors
- Accessories


Utilize industrial RFID to increase the intelligence of your application. High frequency and ultra high frequency options are available, and they are made to match the demands of your manufacturing environment.

- Read/write heads
- Data carriers
- Interface modules
- Handhelds
- Accessories


Your automation solution's connectivity is a crucial component that holds everything together. Turck's solution gives your application a strong foundation with a high standard for quality, a quick turnaround, and a flexible approach that enables you to form the appropriate connections.

- Cordsets
- Receptacles
- Splitters
- Junction boxes
- Field wireable connectors
- Bulk cable
- Inductive coupling
- Accessories

Fieldbus Technology

Using fieldbus technology, you can increase communication capabilities while streamlining your wiring. Three different types of Ethernet are included in one device as part of Turck's extensive I/O portfolio, which offers the ideal solution for your application.

- Modular I/O
- Block I/O
- Foundation fieldbus and PRO
- Accessories

Interface Technology

Turck offers barriers and isolator technologies for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications as a solution when applications call for extra protection.

- Safety barriers
- Zener barriers
- Signal conditioners
- Control cabinet monitoring
- Accessories

Industrial Controls

By seamlessly controlling your devices, you can take command of your system. Turck makes it feasible with a product line that ranges from programmable gateways to relays.

- Programmable HMI
- Control
- Programmable Gateways
- Relays

Power supplies

Power where you need it with in-cabinet and on-machine power supplies from Turck.

- In-cabinet (IP20)
- On-machine (IP67)