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piCOBOT Advanced Robot Gripping Solution piCOBOT® is a cleverly equipped end-of-arm (EOAT) vacuum tool designed specifically for the cobot market. Featuring the company's signature vacuum technology, enabling improved efficiency, productivity and working environments, piCOBOT® offers industry certified plug-and-play

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Machine Vision Systems from Festo From inspection to identification, barcode reading to robotic guidance, measurement to color analysis, Festo provides machine vision solutions to suit your needs. With higher resolutions, more powerful software tools, easier integration and

Economy Motion Solutions from Mitsubishi Electric use industry-leading technology configured in ready-to-use solutions to fit the needs of OEMs and system integrators. With pre-configured bundles for Compact Motion, Basic Motion, and Pulse Motion, there is no guesswork

TPE High-Flex Ethernet Cables High-Flex Ethernet Cordsets High-flex Ethernet cordsets are a member of Phoenix Contact's North American cabling portfolio. The increased complexity of automated processes is driving demand for network cables that can do more in

FR-E800 Series Inverters The FR-E800 Series variable frequency drive is built upon Mitsubishi Electric’s proven variable speed control technology throughout years of reliable operation across various constant and variable torque applications. Designed to save energy and minimize

ASSISTA Collaborative Robot The new collaborative robot from Mitsubishi Electric, MELFA ASSISTA Cobot is an industrial-grade robot that offers maximum safety and durability in applications where human operators are present. Cutting-edge servo technology, the MELSERVO-J5, allows the ASSISTA Cobot

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