shaltz5_wp January 30, 2023 0 Comments

Melservo-J5 Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Mitsubishi Electric’s next generation of servo products, the MELSERVO-J5 Series, has just been released and brings cutting-edge technology, industry-leading performance, and advanced servo features to empower users with improved reliability, versatility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Key Benfits:

  • 26-bit batteryless absolute encoder
  • Industry-leading 3.5kHz speed frequency response rate
  • 256 synchronized axes with the MELSERVO-J5 motion module
  • 32.5µs communication cycle time, to improve throughput and machine performance
  • Quick tune capability in approximately 0.3 seconds, through amplifier
  • Advanced vibration suppression control both on the load and the machine base
  • Compatibility with common industrial networks like EtherCAT® as well as CC-Link IE TSN®
  • Predictive maintenance Maisart® AI technology based in servo itself
  • Encoder, power, and electromagnetic brake cables are combined into a single cable

more information about MR-J5 Servo